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Engine Won't Start


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Car: 1992 SC400 128k miles.

Problem: I was drving down the hiway and coolant overflowed from a loose radiator cap and sprayed over the engine and then the engine stalled a few minutes later and now it won't start - it does turn-over though.

Solution: ???

Any help would be appreciated - thanks.

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GOOD NEWS... found the problem with the car, BAD NEWS... the dealer wants $1,700 to fix it.

It ends up that the water pump siezed and fried the timing belt... so, with all the related parts (idlers, antifreeze, etc.) they wanted $1,700 to fix, being a mechanic in the past I told them that was too much and I negotiated them down to $1,200. I was going to do the belt and pump anyway before the winter, so really the only extra cost was the tow to the dealer. I was hoping to do front struts soon, but now it'll have to wait... oh well...

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