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Questions On Rx330?


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Hi ,

Thinkiing of leasing a 04 RX330 but have the following questions:

1. Is the Sport package worth the $? I test drove a sport package loaded RX but couldn't really tell the handling difference contributed by the larger wheel and the lowered suspension. I am trying to decide between the premium and the sport now, but don't see the reason for spending extra $3000 when I can't tell the difference. Is there really any difference in terms of handling?

2. My sales rep told me that AFS only works at low speed is this true? I think this is also bundled with the sport package so I would like to know if this is worth it.

3. Anyone know what is a reasonable purchased price (% of MSRP) for the RX in Canada (Toronto)? I am particularly interested in the Sport or premium loaded. Any info is appreciated to help with my negotiation.

4. The most popular question... should I wait for the 05? Was looking at a previous thread of the 05 changes, there doesn't seem to be anysignificant changes vs 04 i.e. no cosmetic changes, some mods to the Nav system... I think that's it... don't think any of those will impact me if I chose an 04 with the Sport/premium package. So any suggestion if I should wait for the 05? (currently they have a lease rate offer on the 04 too, so it really makes the 04 very attractive)

Thanks kindly!

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If you think about it you will come to the conclusion that this is a virtually USELESS option.

Entering a right turn the AFS cannot "follow" until you turn the steering wheel in that direction, which of course means that at any reasonable road speed you are already "committed" to entering the turn "at speed" before illumination the road directly ahead. And think about just before, as, you exit the turn, the road ahead is straight but until you straighten the steering wheel your headlights are still illuminating the forest beside the road.

Marketing GIMMICKS!

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