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Rx330 Supercharger?

George L.

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If you can wait for the RX400h, if the currently announced design actually makes it into production, for all intents and purposes it includes a supercharger, V8 performance from the 3.3L V6.

But personally I don't think it will get into production before being redesigned with an I4 yeilding V6 performance.

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Hi, If you still in to the Supercharger for ur RX300, I got one on mine,

I will tell you this its fun how everyone thinks is a slow car, but now I got 500+ WHP and its fun to drive it,

I got the super charger from TRC 2 years ago, its not easy to install since its designed for solora,

I will tell you this its going to cost you alot,

I got the supercharger kit for $4000 since I got a bigger one, had to change my hood since it would not close anymore,

after that need to buy a exhaust system for it prety much a custom made since u will need a 2.5 or 3" $1500 and after all that u have to upgrade your pump,

since RX300 pump is in the tank it takes a few sec before respond and you have to find some aftermarket and build it ur self I used a Mitsubishi GSX pump since I have that car too, I will tell u this u will probably be one of the few ppl having a car like it but I will need a lot of customization and time,

If u think of taking it to a shop to do it, first not that many companys will do it, but even if they do they will charge u over 10K to install something that mill max give u around 100 more HP

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Anyone know how much a supercharger is? I have briefly looked on the internet but to no avail.

Thanks for any info.

Personally I wouldn't work under the hood of modern cars, especially if you can't get a kit specifically designed for your RX. I have done tons of research on big after-market performance kits for my GMC Yukon, and discovered the Remote Mount Turbo Kit from Squires Turbo Systems. This will also cost you a lot of money as they don't specifically build for an RX, but they do have a tailored kit that they can customize for your RX. Look to spend around $5000 for this.

The benefits:

Minimal under hood and electrical work.

No need for aftermarket headers, fuel system, ignition, or exhaust components.

Replaces muffler for awesome sound!

Low Spool up times, and gives equivelant gains compared to a supercharger @ 5-7 PSI.

No need for an intercooler, as the long exhaust tube cools the charge by ~500 degrees.

Normally increases gas mileage, and may not even require premium gas.


Turns your RX into a sleeper, meaning noone can tell by looking at your engine that it is anything other than stock, other than that your airbox is nowhere to be found.

Look at their website for more convincing info... www.ststurbo.com

I bought a ES330 instead and don't drive the Yukon much anymore, which is why I didn't get the kit for my SUV.

-TiM ( I do not work for STS, I just really wanted one for my Yukon)

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Anyone know how much a supercharger is? I have briefly looked on the internet but to no avail.

Thanks for any info.

Speaking of SuperCharging.....

At 20 MPG with 14:1 A/F mixture ratio your engine "consumes" about 15 "gallons" of air/atmosphere for each gallon of fuel consumed. At 60MPH 45 gallons each hour.

The atmosphere is 80% nitrogen and only 20% oxygen.

You can buy an oxygen concentrator for about $800 that will supply as much as 5L/minute of 95% oxygen flow consuming only 400 watts.

What do you suppose a 5L/min 95% oxygen intake flow would do for a 3.5L engine that normally produces 250 HP on 20% oxygen flow....??

Or does the 14.7:1 A/F mixture ratio already account for that 80% nitrogen content? 14.7:1 Oxygen/Fuel ratio...??

But even so......

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The following assumes 50 liters of "atmosphere" equals one pound and gasoline is 6 pounds/gallon.

In burning 1 gallon/(6 lbs) an engine "consumes" 90 lbs/4500 liters of air/atmosphere.

225 liters/min. (only 45 liters of oxygen content) at 20 MPG and 60MPH.

Theroritically pumping in 10 liters of pure (95%) oxygen would increase engine HP by approximately 25% and allow the engine to maintain 60 MPH cruise at 1500 RPM instead of 2200 RPM provided an OD ratio in that range were available.

But what might the fuel savings be to justify the $800 and 1/2HP cost?

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