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Michelin Tires On Gs

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which Michelin would you install on your GS?

I would like to get as smooth ride as I can and prefer 16" tire size

I've heard about and Michelin Pilot 225 55-R16 XGT H4

and Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus 215 60-R16

anyone has experiences with these tires?

also, which one would be better handling and ride comfort?

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I am also looking for tires for my 99 GS400. I found these at Costco:

Bridgestone® Potenza RE750 225/55ZR16

Ultra-high performance $130.99 mounted, balanced, lifetime rotation and balance.

Read all the Tire Rack reviews and all great. ($122 at Tire Rack before shipping.)

TireRack.com has a lot of info when looking for tires.

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anyone tried goodyear eagle f1 gs. I have orig. stock 225/55/16goodyear gt-4 now with 22000 miles on them. F1 GS tires look sweet but I don't want to lose comfort. anyone?

tire rack reviews seem to say michellens wear fast

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I went with BFGoodrich® g-Force T/A KDW 225/55R16's on my stock chrome-wheeled 95 GS 300. I got 'em from Costco. They look and ride really nice. It's too early to tell on treadwear, but I like them a lot and get a lot of compliments on the car.

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