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Windshield Replacement And Window Whistle

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I have two different problems here. First... I have a windshield that is pitty and scratched that I want to replace. A couple of glass choices I have are LOF and PPG. Does anyone know of any big advantage one might have over the other, or another choice that would be good?

Second... my driver's side window has an air leak that is slightly noticable at low speeds but is a LOUD whistle over 80 MPH! Has anyone encounterd this problem and were you able to resolve it. Thanks .

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The leak seems to be coming from the upper left corner of the drivers window. I can push on this area and it seems to change the pitch of the whistle. I checked the window seal and it looks OK but, just doesn't seem to be sealing. After further investigation, I found the whistle happens when the sunroof window is open. This is not a little whistle, it's like the Keystone Cops are after me! (Showing my age)

On the windshield... I'm getting all sorts of stories on that one. All of the Autoglass shops are telling me that their glass is identical to Lexus OEM glass. The only difference is their glass doesn't say Lexus on it, although it has the same tinting and the same matrix pattern by the mirror. Mine doesn't even say Lexus, it says Toyota! For that Toyota logo, I would have to pay an extra $250. Yes... I like to keep the car original but, whats to say five months down the line I don't get a rock in the windshield. That Toyota logo isn't gonna be that important to me then.

I did check with my local Lexus dealer and they told me, they don't replace windshields. They send there repairs to Safelite.

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If it is an insurance thing, I'd push for Lexus OEM. If it is out of pocket, it is your call. The PPG glass is pretty good and I'vve heard no one complain about it. As for the "Toyota", you would not be able to get that anyway. All the new Lexus OEM glass says "Lexus" on it.

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I recently had my windshield replaced via ins. I demanded factory windshield AND MOLDING KIT. Lexus dealer did not do instal. They just sub it out so I had their sub do it. That's the way they wanted to do it. Seems to be fine as far as wind noise. You can tell when you look at molding on top not quite has perfect line as orig but I'm only one who notices.

Does everyone else know where every little imperfection is on their cars? Probably if you are online here

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I talked to my ex-brother in law, who does glass. He said LOF or PPG are good quality replacements. He also said some of Toyota's OEM glass was made by LOF. As this is not insurance paid, and the road I travel is going through construction for the next 50 years, I think I will opt for the cheaper route and not go OEM.

The whistle in the drivers window is still driving me crazy! I looked for gaps and pulled the the trim out and put it back in to see if this would change anything. It didn't. My next experiment is to see if I can lube the rubber to give me a better seal.

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