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Oxygen Sensor Ls 400 '93


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First of all, I had checked the code at Lexus dealership in Lansing for $40. They just said that Oxygen sensor needs to be replace. Well, I'm not used to car parts terminology, so I thought there must be only one Oxygen sensor. They estimated total of $ 292. I checked the price online and it was about $ 150~170 for one sensor. That was OEM sensor. General oxygen sensor was under $ 50. So, I thought I would use the old connector and make connections by myself. Today, I was looking at the sensors and I found there are 2 oxygen sensor before catalyst and 2 after catalyst. Dealership did not said anything which sensor L/R or F/B..and when I called them, they didn't know...doesn't it sucks..?

Well, this is the first time (actually, 2nd besides changing air filter) I'll be working on car by myself. Does anyone has manual instructions for changing O2 sensor?


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