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Abs Quick Fix?

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Have you ever had your rear seat out? If so, you might have accidentally disconnected one of the ABS sensor wires that run up the fender wells, causing the ABS light to come on. I did this once but I disconnected it on purpose just to see if the brakes would lock up or not. :rolleyes:

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Here's the thing, the car stops fine. I had to make a hard stop the other day from 60 and it did just fine while the ABS light was on?!?!? I will get them fixed, but I was wondering if there was some trick that I could do to turn it off?!?!

i dont think that because the abs light is on your breaks will not work at all.

but that the reason for abs breaks is so that your wheels dont lock up when you slam on your breaks, which allows you to stay in control of your car

i think its fine right now if you drive around with the light on, but why would you want to turn it off with out first fixing it?

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Sure, your brakes will work fine without the ABS working, but I'm wondering whether you're trying to sell the car and mislead some poor unsuspecting buyer as to the fact that the ABS is broken?? Why then do you wish to disconnect the warning light? :rolleyes:

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Why would I want to sell this car? I traded in my corvette for my ES only one month ago. Before this car, I was driving around in my sweatbox corvette and dealing with all of the problems that car came with.The only reason why I want to turn the light out is because it is annoying, that's all. I do most of own repair work with my father and have been doing so since I learned that a car is not just a car, but has a soul. This must be a great forum where everyone thinks you are trying to mislead other people. I would hope that some of the members here try not to offend others by MISJUDGING them. I was only looking for help, not to be insulted.

p.s. Why would someone who just pruchased a spectacular vehicle want to sell it right away as well as making all of these inquiries on this forum? Just a thought

-Brian :censored:

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One more thing-

I guess judging people is okay especially if you don't even know WHO you are talking about?! I always believed in the "family" concept and that is why I bought my ES300 and will continue to buy their product. Anyhoo, I am going to get the ABS system fixed somehow. I guess I can go and have the codes read and from that make a choice. Thanks for all of your help! :unsure:

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