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Tail Light Bulb Replacement


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One of the tail lights on my 97 ES 300 keeps going out. It comes back on when I bang on the light cover and stays on until the car is turned off.

I would like to remove the bulb and replace it but cannot figure out how to get the bulb out.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have had the same thing! :lol: Is it one of the little side marker bulbs or the actual tail light? Are you unable to remove the bulbs or have you not yet even gotten access to the bulbs by removing the section of plastic cover in the trunk?

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Went out to the car to check which light it was and discovered that I was trying to remove the wrong bulb! The one I needed to remove is the dual filament running/brake light. I twisted the plastic socket for that and it came right out without any problem. I removed the bulb and put it back in to the socket and it doesn't work at all any more. I think the problem must have been a filament that was nearly burned out, but not quite. Probably just needs a new bulb.

For future reference, how do the blinker lights come out? White plastic connectors behind the blinker light do not look anything like the socket for the running/brake light. It almost looks like you need some kind of special tool to take them out.


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