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Cd Changer Displaying "err"

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Hey, I only bought my car Around a week ago or so, but since then, very intermitantly, the cd changer displays "err".

As I've only had the car for a lil while, I've not been able to notice much of a pattern. Here's what I've come up with:

It only tends to happen when I start it... I.e. If it's playing, I'm right to change CDs whenever... (unless the CD is scratched, in which case it displays the same error).

I've found, to fix it (lol@backyard auto elec) I switch it to radio turn the unit off for about a minute, turn it back on (same as a re-boot, I figure) listen to radio for a minute or two, switch to CD, and it seems to work (not every time).

As you can imagine, this gets fairly annoying. Has anyone else had the same trouble, or know what to do?


- Gav

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here's what you don't want to hear.

Be careful of those cleaner discs on auto CD changers. The cleaner discs were designed for the full access CD palyers like your home stereo, walkman type, and the one on your computer. The ones where the entire drawer or area where the cd sits is accessable.

The little brushes on these cleaner disks may cause the cd to get jammed in the deck or changer cartridge because there is not a lot of room to begin with.

Also, check your cd's themselves. When your deck acts up, is it on a CD that is store bought or on a home recorded one? The reason I ask, if it sticks on a home recorded one, what kind of label do you have on it.

Labelled with a "sharpie" is ok.

Labelled with a stick on Avery type label will cause major problems because the label itself will increase the thickness of the cd and this was not accounted for in the design of the original cd, auto cd player and cartridge. The label hangs up on the workings inside the cd player.

I forgot to mention, I don't know what year your car is, but the cd palyers and changers of earlier years may have problems with today's CD-R or CD-RW type CDs.

Does the unit have problems with all types, store bought or just home made CDs?


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this was happening to my home (yamaha) cd player.

turns out the guides that the laser read head and tracking mechanism rode on needed lubricating.

DO NOT spray anything into you CD changer.

Have it looked at by a qualified technician.


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