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Lexus And Bluetooth

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Its August 8, Motorola has announced that they are manufacturing a verizon compatible Bluetooth adapter for several models of their phones. I have ordered the adapter and will be reporting on my experience with it as I try to get this function to operate in the car.

I have a 2004 ES330 with the Levinson Sound system and the Navigation. The car is just 3 months old.

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with Bluetooth.

The adapter is called DC 600 and clips to the bottom of the T 730. According to Motorola, initializing the connection to the car is easy.

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I believe the only 2004 Lexus models with Bluetooth capability are the LS 430 and the LX 470. Unfortunately, I don't think you'd be able to interface your Bluetooth phone with the car (unless I'm reading your post wrong, and the Motorola kit comes with a Bluetooth receiver to plug into your sound system).

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Sorry, square is right. The ES330 does not have bluetooth capability, only the LS430, LX470 and Toyota Prius have it in the Toyota/Lexus line currently. Its not even slated to be introduced in the refreshed 05.

There are some aftermakret bluetooth kits that can be installed in the car, is this what you're talking about?

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I got the Motorola Kit; it clips to the bottom of the phone and has a quick way of enabling bluetooth with the Model T 730 phone.

When I attempted to initialize the phone with the car- the phone did not recognize any bluetooth capability. Since reading the replies- I think my next step will be to see what the CAR requires for hands free communication. The car does have a mic built into the mirror, and there is a dialing function on the sound/nav system.

My assumption is that that the car must be able to use cell phone connectivity in some manner.

Anyone have any experience with hands-free cell phone operations? Is there an after-market tweak to be installed?

Alan K

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