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Electrical Ground Problems .....still!


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OK I'm sorry if i am addressing a problem that has been addressed many times but I still cant solve mine. I have the common ghost in my electrical system where i experience the headlights and interior lights jump with the bass in the music, the lights jumping with the brakes being applied and the radio pausing for 1-2 sec when i press the brakes.

Let me tell you guys what i have tried so far. First i had a powersteering pump leak which has been changed. Now when i did that i thought it solved my problems cuz maybe it was leaking into my alternator. But the alternator looked intact and was functioning ok. I also cleaned the ground wire connection from the battery to the body which had been corroded on the body. That didnt help either. Battery terminals are clean as well. Can someone please tell me what else I could try because besides my leaking rear differential this is my only other problem with my SC. I would luv to get this finally solved...HELP PLEASE!!!

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Sorry to hear you haven't fixed your problem. I don't have an SC, but I do feel your pain. I'll throw in my 2 cents worth. By the way I also think your alternator is on it's way out, unless it's some kind ecu issue that need to be reset as mention by UCF3 in your other post. It seems like your system is requesting far more power than you alternator can dish out. (I’m not ruling out a problem battery caused by the bad alternator). Check the cable between the alternator and the battery. Also, I bet you probably hear a high pitch sound coming from you engine compartment. Hopefully by the time you get to the second item you will Figure out it’s the alternator. The rest will probably just help with engine noise and other electrical troubleshooting.

I’m just going to suggest what I would do if I was in your shoes.

First: I would turn everything off including the car and close the doors. Open the hood Grab a multi-meter and check the voltage on the battery, @ the (+) and (-) terminal. Write it down.

Second: remove multi-meter, leave hood open and turn on the car. Close the doors (leave a window down). Check the voltage on the battery terminals again with the multi-meter Write it down. This number should be higher (think it should be above 14Volts). @ This point I would actually wait and see if the numbers jump around. Write down anything out of the ordinary. If possible, after several minutes of monitoring, have some one turn on the light and step on the brakes and check the numbers on the multi-meter. (Write it down) If the number is below 14 I would question the alternator?

Third: just to play it safe (Wouldn't hurt). I would turn on the radio and check the voltage across the battery again. Write it down. Even though the issue might be amperage and not voltage. If you can, post your results. Some of the electronic guru’s here might see something out of the ordinary.

Fourth: at this point if I didn't find anything wrong in my first 2 steps, it's time to disconnect or remove the fuses from all of my after market items and see if the problem still exist.

If problem does exist. Check at the battery to see if the car is still drawing current. Make sure car is off, doors are closed, and if you have a light under the hood that turns on. Remove it while you check for a current draw. If it's still drawing a current pull the fuses one by one until you narrow down the problem.

If problem doesn't exist. (This is what I would hope for) Test for a day or 2 just to play it safe. I would then power up one item at a time and try it for a day. Every day I would power up one (only1) item until I narrow down the Item causing the issue.

Things I would check on my car:

1. The cable between the alternator and the battery

2. All grounds with a multi-meter. You might have done this already.

3. All positive and negative leads of after-market equipment.

4. If I installed an amp I would put in a dedicated line from the battery to the trunk. I would make sure that the fuse is in the hood not more than about 7 inches from the positive post. The cable should be well insulated and check to make sure the cable isn't cut or cracked and creating a short between the wires and the chassis.

Again this is what I would do.

Good Luck


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Thanks tote i will try testing my car the way u said and see whet results i get. i have a feeling that my battery has a problem because last night i look at it and on the top of it i can see what looks like moisture or an oily substance on the top but not at the terminals. Looks almost as if the battery is "perspiring" slightly. This problem is such a pain!!!!

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