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Tire/rim Question


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I have never bought rims and would like to get a set of rims with wheels to use in winter (summer chrome rims are too nice to subject to the winter crud and the tires won't get me through the snow).

I want to keep the 16 inch rim size. Anyone have suggestions on a budget conscious set of 4 with tires. I am loking to go on the cheap with this, good quality with low price. Any thoughts?


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Tire Rack has a nice selection and you can "see" all their wheels on a GS of your color at http://www.tirerack.com To preserve my chrome wheels, I bought a set of four 16 inch Milla Miglia Bello wheels and 225/60-16 Blizzak snow tires for about $880 for my LS before last winter. Look for the "mountain/snowflake" symbol if you want true snow tires and not just all season tires.

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