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Oxygen Sensor


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I have 93 LS 400. Yesterday, engine light came on. I went to different places to check up why engine light came on but no-body was able to find why. Finally, I went to Lexus dealership and they detected Oxygen Sensor needs to be replaced. Dealership estimated about $292.

Does anyone know Oxgen sensor have to be fixed? What are the consequenses if not fixed? Any suggestions for cheaper replacement?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Oxygen sensors are critical components. It's how the computer tells the air fuel ratio. If it is truly bad, you need to replace. It will pay you back in fuel savings over running with a bad one.


The 95 I just bought...the owner said the check engine light was on and he had the codes read and it needed an Oxygen sensor replaced. I was going to do that but while going over the engine compartment, I found a split vacuum hose at the intake plenum. I fixed that and the check engine light has been out ever since. Something you might want to check.

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