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Cd Player Blues


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The 12 disc changer in my 92 is more tempermental and unpredictable than a hormonal teenage girl going through puberty...sometimes it'll play any CD flawlessly, but more often than not, it'll play a few seconds of a track, skip, play a little more, skip, pause, then crap out completely sometimes leaving me with a friendly little "err" on the screen...I'm about ready to rip it out! And before someone suggests scratched CD's, the story's the same with brand new CD's fresh outta the package but it seems to be even worse with burned CD's. Sound familiar to anyone? :huh:

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Alright you called me on that one; I didn't search :blushing: And I haven't bothered to update my signature yet but I recently purchased a 92 SC300 but I still have my ES. The SC is actually my dad's B) The ES didn't come with a 12 disc changer :whistles:

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