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Rx 330 - Coasting Speed Change


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Just picked up my 330 :rolleyes: . Flint Mica (graphite) exterior, black interior, Sport Package. Incredible machine! :D Excellent feel on the road while still maintaining a sweet, luxury ride! I was seriously looking at the FX35, but decided the the 330 offers so much more (and I think the unusual look of the FX would wear on me after a while)- more discussion on this available to anyone who's curious.

Now, to my question. When I take my foot off the gas (and coast - no brake) the car begins to slow steadily (like its in too low a gear and engine braking), then at about 40Kmph it seems to "let go" and coast faster. I know this..car (truck? - seems to nice to call it a truck) has many tech features involved in braking and thought this was just one of the quirks, but it does seem strange. I would be very interested in some insight as to what mechanics are involved. Oh, and did I mention that this was an incredible machine! Man I love this thing. :cheers:

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