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Navigation System Use While Driving

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As a follow-up to an earlier question, is it possible to override the navigation system to allow the entering of a destination while the car is moving? Often there is a person sitting in the passenger seat who would be able to enter the address safely.

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How To Enter Map Destinations While Driving

In sequence

Press the Menu button on the dash.

Press the Volume button on the screen.

Press the upper left corner of the screen. (Where the speaker icon is located.)

Press the lower left corner of the screen.

Press the upper left corner of the screen again.

Press the lower left corner of the screen again.

On the screen that appears:

Press the Override button and hold it until you hear a beep. The Override letters turn black in color showing it is deselected.

Press the Back button to get back to the previous screen.

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Does this work on an 01 Lexus Rx? Has anyone tried?

Check the following link for the method that works on the 2001 RX:


Whatever you do DO NOT change any setting within the LOADING menu. Again, DO NOT change anything in the other menus since it will automatically void your warranty.

Plenty of people use the override feature, which can be dangerous in itself, but the other menu systems can disable your navigation system completely! When other things are tampered with the system is rendered completely inoperative! If you do modify any settings in this hidden screen you will be completely responsible for your actions.... be prepared for the consequences if you decide not to heed this warning.

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