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95 Ls400 Hood Support Info


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I read on another thread that Mighty Lift hood support part number C 95029 available from Autozone would work on the Ls400's. I just tried that and although they would fit my 1995, they were so strong that they might bend the hood if I tried to close it. I also tried to compress them with my 220 lb body weight and could not budge them. Perhaps they work on the 94 and earlier cars....maybe the hood is heavier or something.

To make sure I hadn't got some defectives or something, I went to another Autozone and tried to compress by hand the same part number and again...could not budge it. So I ran all over town and tried every support I could get my hands on and I have found something that works.

Pep Boys carrys Sachs brand lift supports. Lift -o-mat gas charged lift support. Part number SG304011 (92525) will fit the car. They are just a tad shorter..maybe the width of the ball pivot. I just installed them and they work perfectly.

I have no idea of their intended application and neither does Pep boys. They were about $25.00 each. More expensive than the autozone dealios.

Although these new supports come with some pivot balls that MIGHT fit, I cut the pivot balls out of my original supports.

Hope this info helps someone like me who hates to pay the Lexus price for parts. :o

This is a link to the original thread I went by for the Autozone Mighty Lifts. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...%20support&st=0

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I put the Autozone struts on my 95 and although they are stiff, I seriously doubt you could ever bend the hood by compressing them. You wont be able to compress them by hand, but when installed they really work great.



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