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2004 Dvd Player

DB S600

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To my understanding a feature of the 2004 Lexus LX470 is that you are able to watch DVD's while the car is on and in Park. When attempting such all that comes up is the DVD's audio - no video. Am I doing something wrong? Should I take my vehicle to the dealer? Thank you.

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i think that the parking brake must be on as well but im not sure mine has been overridden. anyhow when you hear the sound of the dvd you need to press the AUDIO key on the side of the screen. then you should see an option that says PICTURE and click on that the movie should start playing on the screen in the front. that should work if i does not i would take it into lexus

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anyone that wants to override their lx470 with a dvd nav screen so you can watch it all the time even when driving here is the link


i know it looks a little shady but it works with any problems i have had mine for over a year now and never a problem

I am very intersted in getting the device that you have installed on your Lexus. Not so much for the DVD funtion but want to be able to fully use the Navigation system while moving.

The cost does not bother me if it works but I don't want to have to tear the dash apart. hat was involved in the install and how long did it take.

Thanks for you help!


Jax, FL

2004 LX470

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that specifiic device does not allow that function you have requested. however i know that drbypass does make that device so i would send him and email through ebay and have him create a private auction. the removal of the dash console requres a phillips and a flathead screw driver wirecutters and some plyers. i did the entire removal and replacement in less than 20 mins the directions are very thurough so a monkey could do it.

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