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Side Mirror 330


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My parents are at their vacation home, 100's of miles away from the nearest Lexus dealer, and had a minor fender bender --- caused, in large part by the "tip-down mirrors... Is there a code, or procedure that would allow them to cancel this option???


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The tipping feature of the side mirrors is set by leaving the L/R mirror adjustment switch set to either Left or Right - one side allows both mirrors to tip and the other causes only one to tip - I forget which is which. Leaving the switch in the center disables the feature.

Doc H

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I have checked on two different rx330's the mirror tip down is disabled when set to the middle setting. Either right or left will cause both mirrors to tip down. I have not found a way to just have the curb side tip down.

Can anyone confirm they can do this with a 04 rx330?

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