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Popping/creeking Noise


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For quite a while now, i have noticed a creeking noise comming from my front end when i go over bumps or make turns. It seams more pronounced when the car is real cold or hot. I have taken it to Lexus several times, however they never seam to hear it. Has anyone encounted a problem like this with their rx? THX.

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That sound sounds familiar to what I am going through now. The first time, I told Lexus, they took a look at it, and determine it to just be an air condition line or something in that area to be loosen. It was insulated. However, the problem never got fix. I had to make another appointment and had one of their techs drive with me. Luckily for me, the first bump we went over on their lot made the sound. He determine it to be from the sub frame. I took it in this past Friday, and they told me that it sounded like it was coming from my struts. The techs tightened up the bolts and torque. They had struts on order for me. I am just waiting for Lexus to call me in to have it installed. I hope that replacing the struts will resolve my popping noise.

Hope this helps.

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Believe it or not, have them check the windshield wiper motor bushings. My buddy and I had this happen to both our '99 Rx300s. Replacing these bushings and I bet your problems go away. Those were the exact same symptoms we had on our two vehicles.



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