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How Much Is This Going To Cost?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking into buying a 1994 Lexus GS300 with 64,000 miles on it. It has some minor body work that needs to be done on the front of the car and a few other problems that I have listed below. The asking price is $10,000 and I'm trying to figure out whether to purchase.

I noted the following problems and would like to know estimated cost and where to take the Lexus to get fixed.

1. Front right side of the car is dented with Front light busted out due to car being run into something. The hood is slightly dented, but still closes. The lexus symbol is also slightly broken.

2. A small patch of clear coat on the passenger side door is peeling. Can this be fixed?

3. Inside the car there are a few cigarette burns above the driver side window. Can these be repaired?

4. The wood grain around the gear shift needs to be replaced. How much does this run?

Any estimates/guestimates would really help in my decision making to purchase the vehicle.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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I guess youre lookin at 10,000 + another 3-4 thousand. Sounds like you need some body work done and its not cheap. You can find a 1998 GS between 15-17 with like 55-60k. If you want to put up that kind of money. The GS you saw is not worth it in my opnion. Not 10,000 for a 10 year old car that looks like its been through hell and back. Get a carfax report on it also. Or you can wait a little longer till the new GS drops in Spring. Than the 2nd generations will drop in price a bit. I dunno. Your choice. But dont get it in my opnion.

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