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Garage Opener


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Hi, janedalin. Welcome to the club! :cheers:

Here are the directions right out of the owner's manual. For easy access to the owner's manual, you should register your car at lexus.com - it's quick, easy, and very informative. Here's the link:


The HomeLink has 3 buttons and can be

programmed to operate 3 separate devices.

Prepare the HomeLink for programming by

erasing all codes or the memorized data

programmed by the former owner.

Erasing the garage door opener memory

Push and hold down the 2 outside buttons for about 20

seconds until the indicator light flashes. All memorized

data will be erased.

1. Decide which one of the 3 buttons you want to

program. Push and hold down the button for about 20

seconds until the indicator light begins to flash. While

holding this button, follow steps ”2” and ”3”.

2. Bring the hand held garage door opener within about

25 mm (1 in.) of the button being programmed and push

the button on the hand held garage door opener. The

signal from the hand held garage door opener is sent to

the vehicle’s opener.

3. When the frequency and code is registered, the

indicator light flashes rapidly. At this point, you can

release both buttons.

4. To program the remaining buttons, repeat steps ”1”

through ”3”.

If you want to replace an existing program with a new

program, select the button you want to program. Follow

the procedure from step 1.

If the transmitter has a ”rolling code feature”, it is

necessary to program the in–garage receiver after

programming HomeLink.

1. Locate the ”training” or ”learning” button on the

in–garage receiver and push and release this

button. Location of the button may vary by the

garage door opener manufacturer.

2. Firmly push and release the trained HomeLink

button 2 times (some garage door manufacturer

may require you to push the HomeLink button up

to 3 times) to complete the process.

The garage door should now operate when the

HomeLink button is pushed.


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