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90 Ls400


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A couple of months ago, I purchased a very nice 83K 90 LS400. I owned one of the very fist imported to the US and had to sell a few years ago. I have not been happy since!

This car is in super condition after I spent about $4K on AC, Pow Strg, Etc. Yes, I have followed your forums and experienced all the "upgrade" suggestions. You have not only been right on target but very helpful lin my dealings with Lexus.

Problem? :( The front seats are not as "thick" or supportive as I remember. I have a very bad back and need the high quality seats.

Have any of you experienced a breakdown of seats and, if so, was this resolved and how? There is NO physical vision of any problem like overwear or ann overweight person driving etc. And, with the low miles I am surprised that the seats would be so "thin?"

Appreciate any advice and/or "horror stories" to give me an idea where to go next on this.

Thanks, Ron Johnson out in Thousand Oaks, CA :D

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You might go to OBUS seats--these are orthepedic [might even get Dr to perscribe].

We have 4 of these!!!! 2 stay in the F-150 and 1 stays in the Austin-Healey; I am currently sitting on one in the computer chair!!!! But have none in the LS.

The cost is roughly $100.

This is only one place, check the net if interested:


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