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Trac Light - Illuminates Periodically


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I have a 1994 LS400 on which the TRAC light comes on periodically. It may come on 2 - 3 miles after start up or it may be 50 miles before it comes on. When the car is turned off, the light resets and stays off until ther car has been driven for awhile as described above. Can anyone help with any suggestions for a fix? Many Thanks

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I have the same problem, except it is not on at 2-3 miles. Only about 50 miles. I have been asking twice but seem like no one know how to fix the problem.

The dealer recommended to change the traction control accumulator and charge 750$ just for the part. I tried couple times by turn off the traction for about 5 min and turn it back on, the light does not come on til I got home. I hope that it will fix the problem that way, but still yet I only try 2 times. I know how it fill when that orange light come on. Let me know too if you find the way to fix this problem.



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Hi Chuck.

I went try again for my car yesterday. The trac light came on again even I did turn of the traction control switch and then turn on a gain like I told you. This way was not solve the problen!

I then tried to turn of the traction control switch and did not turn it on. Guess what? The trac light still came on even I did turn off the trac off switch. It means there was not thing wrong with my traction control accumulator like the dealer suggest to replace it for 750$. I hope my guess is right.

I think one of the bad sensor cause this problem. Maybe the oxygen sensor. because I noticed that if I drive the car easy and slow, it won't happen, but when I push the gas pedal or go up hill then it will happen. I was thinking of try to test the car and read the code like someone suggest to use the site: http://www.batauto.com

I hope it was just an oxygen sensor.

Maybe you should also try that test to read the code.

Let me know. Thanks.

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does you abs light ever come one?

it may be an abs sonsor in the hub

the hub may have extra play causing the sensor to miss read and then display a code

another problem might be the lines for the accumulator like a vacum one if it has one

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Thanks for the advice. abs light does not come out and I try to check accumulator line, they are OK.

One thing I noticed that I thought if I turn off the trac control then trac light won't come on, but it still does. I do not understand why!

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