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Reliabilty Of Gs 400?

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I currently own a LS400 with 170k, and it runs like a top. I have absolutely loved owning this car, but I am looking to change to something a bit sportier. Are there any reliabilty issues going from my LS to a GS? Do they require more maintenence, are they more expensive to0 work on? I am looking for a work horse that I can take to 200k or more.

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it all depends on how YOU take care of the car. The GS is built nice. I think its very reliable. Its a lexus. What do you expect...my friend has 212k on his 1995 gs and it still runs super smooth believe or not..He drove that car to NY from DC at least 3 times a week for over year. It still keeps up because HE keeps up the car. LS to me is the old mans car. Gs is sporty and the ES is a camry. Gs is in a class of its own. just my opinion.......but its very reliable but remember, much smaller than the LS, so less roomier.....

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