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2005 Supra


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I believe this body is sexy. Nice job. The front could use a little work. And then there is all this talk of a 3.5 V6 and a 4.3 or was it 5.2 V8? Now the v8 would be a nice candidate. But I am still wrapped up with the turbo. I'm a boost addict and nothing will cure me of that. Due to this fact - I am eerily drawn to the inline format. Give me an inline 6 or 8 cylinder. Screw the 45 degree or whatever degree 90 whatnot split block. Although I could be convinced with a nice TT biturbo style kick in the pants. Who knows. I plead to toyota - GIVE ME TURBO, OR GIVE ME DEATH.

Alas, I think this rendering is inacurrate. The actual vehicle may be similar - but not this design. There is a V8 in the the toyota GT race car this year. Nothing less than a stroked and built Lexus 3uz. :D

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Pretty though - got some Aston envy in there I reckon

yeah - right Rod - the front end of the grey one is quite "vanquishy".

thought the side view at the top has some TVR to it as well.

not that we are saying that these are bad things!

You are close to the mark. Designers in Japan did look to the Aston for some extra ques...I also think that it has a hint of Viper from the side...

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