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New Gs 300 Good Price?

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After a week of haggling and bustling.... i got the dealer to offer a 2001 GS 300, 49k miles on it, mark levinson stereo, HID lights, 3 year / 100k miles warranty... at the price of $26K. One owner, no accidents. Supposedly he said they changed the timing belts, did a full inspection and is in immaculate shape (of course any good sales man has to hype up their product) The car looks and seems just like new. I know i can get it for much cheaper at an auction or even a private seller but i really like the 3 year precertification deal. What do you guys think? Any input would be great.

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I got a 2003 GS with 14K for 29,300. The point is if you check NADA.com and Kelley.com you can comparison shop.

Don't let the glitz get to ya. The price seems reasonable but I bet you can do better if you make the dealer call you back and let HIM sweat a bit.

A GS will run till you are molding in your grave so don't be too great a hurry. Do your homework and settle on YOUR price.

A warranty sounds good but the GS needs very little work. If you can get $ off the price and use that money for something else do it. Even if the air conditioner goes out ( not likely) you will still not spend the 3.000 it warranty actually will cost you. That warranty monsy is built into the price so again, go slow.

If peace of mind is worth it; go for it.

One thing for sure, you will love the GS


Dr. D

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