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Convertible Kits


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Any kits available, or is it just find a reputable shop you really really trust with a saw?

Is this just not worth the effort, and if so, where would I start looking?


PS - New to board and learning a ton.

Any particular reason why you want a convertible?

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you are crazy if you think people sell convertible kits. if you want to convert your car to a convertible, hard or soft top, it will definately be a custom job. there is a place in newport beach in southern california who does such a job. soft top starts at 15k i believe and hardtops start at 40k. good luck pahtnah!

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If I were you I wouldnt even bother doing this, if done properly you will end up without a back seat and heavy as hell...

I dont know if you ever had a convertible car before, but what happens is that since theres no roof support (the roof acts like a chassi) they have to put this hughe metal bars in the center of the car to keep it from flexing.

I had many convertibles before, Rx7, del sol, miata, .....if you really want to see a car flex get into a del sol without the targa on...and thats in a little car....you can just imagine in a big car like sc with NO roof at all.....so basically you have to add this hughe pieces of metal that will slow you down, and you will have no back seat cos from what ive noticed theres no other space where to stick support bars on that car. And if a shop tells you not to wrry about that they are lying cos u need new support from somewhere.....so dont bother dude, not to mention the amount of $$$$$$ thats going to cost , cos u have to take it to a reputable place otherwise they can really mess ur ride up.

IMHO ---> Abort Mission ;)

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