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Engine Stops Running, Trc Light On Occasionally


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My English is not perfect but let me try to explain to you guys/girls. I just bought a LS400, 1993. The car is great, as I expected after reading a lot of car reviews. Smooth! My wife agreed to buy this car after I explained her that we really need this car for her painful back. Because the air shocks are so great and the chairs so comfy for her sore back ;-)

Now it happens occasionally that the motor stops running, even on the highway. Also the TRC light turns on frequently, but not all the time. The motor is really smooth, that’s why I have the feeling it’s an electronic problem.

Also the water…..how do you call that %&(^!! in English? The motor that should throw water on your frontglass when your frontglass is dirty so you can engage the wipers? Yes that! It ain’t working no more. Guys please help, what can I do instead of bringing the car to the Lexusdealer (I can’t pay hundreds of Euro’s for a check up). My wife is already screaming that we should have bought a nice Daihatsu because they use less gas (gas is so expensive in Holland!).


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not sure bout your engine problem but you can get pump for windshield wipers at a junkyard at www.taprecycling.com

call them up and ask if they do international shipping.

for the engine i can tell you one thing, when the trac light is on it means there is an error code and you need to extract it and post it here.

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