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Great Leather Repair In L.a.


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I'd like to plug Dr. Vinyl, a *MOBILE* repair service in the L.A. Westside area for cuts, burns, scrapes, punctures, etc in automobile leather and vinyl.

They did a really quite amazing job on my 2001 RX300, which had cat claw puncture marks, a cigarette burn, marker pen, and a couple of scrapes on the tan leather seats and doors. If youve ever tried to use that "leather & vinyl fix-it kit" advertised on latenite TV you know how difficult it can be to not only match the color, but even get the texture and blending in the ballpark, much less an accurate match.

Dr. Vinyl did all the above repairs, in my driveway, in a little over an hour for $65.00.

Maybe thats on the pricey side, but the results were so good my wife couldnt even tell where the fixes were made, much less the extent of the original damage. So, I felt it was money well spent, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for similair services in the greater Westside L.A. area. They are polite and professional and the work is remarkably good.

(310) 306-5614

ask for Mike

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