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Fuse Problem


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So I washed my car and took it for a spin, well right when I turned her on the stereo sounded distorted in a wavering way. I got a little worried but it went away in under a minute. About half an hour later the stereo just went dead...turns out a fuse under the hood was blown, but I can't replace it. Everytime I put a new fuse in it just blows instantly. I thought maybe water was causing a short, so I've waited several days hoping if it were water it would dry, however, I tried to replace it again today and got the same results. Any help would be great, thanks!

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I had a similar problem after washing my SC400. There is a drain tube that runs from under the gas cap down the rear quarter panel and drains under the car, the tube is clear plastic and mine came unhooked from the area under the gas cap. When the car was washed the water that got under the fuel door drained into the quarter panel where the CD changer sits and soaked my Nakamichi amp. I had to wet-vac the water out. After taking out the inner trunk panel ( there was no sign of water in the trunk until I removed the interior panel) I also let it sit for several days, and it kept blowing fuses and the stereo would not work.

I took out the amp to have it tested the Nakamichi amp was blown. You might want to have your amp tested to see if the same thing happened to you. It was very frustrating. :censored:

I did replace the amp and the system worked but had developed a short somewhere in the wiring, I also replaced the deck.

I ended up rewiring the entire system and having and alpine CD / XM radio – amp etc. custom fitted into the car and removing the volume button so the aftermarket stereo would look good.

I did keep the two Nakamichi decks the 12 disk changer and the new amp, if you find out that one of those is blown and you want to keep your old system assuming you have the Nakamichi system. I am going to put the whole lot on e-bay (someday).

That was a long drawn out story, but I hope it helps.

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I took apart some things today and became a little more confused...my drain hose was indeed apart and a pool of water had collected but not reached the amp. My fuse will only blow when I put wire harness 'C' (sub) in the amp. I can have just the CD changer and the input/output harnesses in the amp plugged in and everything will work fine minus the fact that I have no sound...but when I touch the 'C' harness together, it'll spark and dead the head unit however, not blow a fuse. Specifically, the blue/yellow wire is the wire sparking in 'C' harness. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I would still take the amp out and have it checked when this happened to me the first amp had blown almost all of the sound cards (transistors), and during my second run the new amp blew out only 2 (because of a short that had developed in a speaker or in that mess of wires) so the system worked until (like on your car) the sub was plugged in, I had it rebuilt but that is when I decided to redo the entire system.

My guess is at some point water did get to the amp and that is probably where your problem is located.

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