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Interesting Thing About Cd Changer


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I still don´t want to pay about $ 300 for CD changer repair so I tried to find what is wrong with CD changer on my 1991 LS. I removed the side black tinny cover from changer and was thinking how does it work for a couple minutes. Then I noticed CD inside so I took the small screwdriver and push CD forward and CD started to spin and play !!! I tried to turn it off and ON many times, remove cartridge etc. and it still works good like before. So I´ll see tomorrow if it will be still ok. I´m so happy I did first step try to repair CD changer.

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Hey, this thing might have dust in there preventing it from sliding into the designed playing position. So it might be a good idea to give it a proper cleaning/dusting off one day over the weekend.

It is a good thing when these things work after an easy fix.

One of the most memorable memories with my LS involves this part. I know the feeling. My situation was an err message when I try to play a CD. I would check and read the directions telling how to insert the CD. It turned out the directions on the changer is wrong -- so instead of putting the disk in with the label up, I needed to put it with the label down.

Oh was I happy... so yea -- I know your excitement, I have been there.

Keep us abreast of this, if it continues to work or not.:-D

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