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Another Day In The Ls Saga


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For those who don't know, it started here.

I changed the solenoid screen there -- it needed it badly too, as the pictures there should tell.

I also flushed the fluid, and then today I checked the fluid level as I was about to flush it again and when I checked -- it was low again... so I went to work to find where this culpret was sneaking out from, and I did.

I removed the front wheel for better access to the solenoid and the steering mechanism.

I disconnected the solenoid switch, then removed the solenoid again to check that it was still clean. It was.

I took my rag and whiped down everything around the solenoid and the steering mechanism and screwed it into the rack and connected the wire/plug, then re-filled the power steering fluid with dextron type fluid.

With the car still on the jack, and the front wheel removed -- I started the vehicle and turned the wheel to the left, then to the right, and to the left, and so on a few times. I exited the vehicle and began looking. Nothing happend for a while, but then all of a sudden -- I could see the blood red fluid sliding out from under that black hat-like rubber thing above the solenoid, as if someone wearing a black hat had just been hit in the head with some blunt object and had began to bleed.

It was not a pleasant sight. It was not a pleasant experience. In fact, it is down right scary because of the uncertainty right now.

So here goes -- what next?

I tried to give as much detail as possible, but if you need more, just ask.

thanks in advance. :(

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Thanks everyone -- and yes, you pegged it correctly in that picture. It seeps out from under that black rubber covering, or whatever it is.

I will check around today and tomorrow to see what the price for this repair will be.

Not good indeed, but I comfort myself with the words, "it could have been worse." I am not sure how long I have had the car, maybe a year -- I think, and it has been good to me. So this little cry for attention is cool.

Thanks again. Thanks for the document -- looking over it now.

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Great information there Agent 99. I guess mine also leaks a little. Never enough to drip, but it just keeps it wet and hasn't seemed to get any worse. The dealer told me two years ago that the rack was leaking and need to be replace since it isn't a servicable part. I declined. After looking at the rack I decided it doesn't look like an impossible job but since my ps works perfectly and doesn't leak much, I have left it alone. My next big task is to fix my A/C.

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