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Remote Start.....

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it could be used if you really wanted to

but you would be basically getinbg another alarm put in the car and losing your power trunk

in other words to get that feature from the remote is to lose another one

the trunk probably being the least used one

by rewiring the power trunk release wire so that it is

leaving the theft system controller wire to start the remote starter

another possibility is that you might be able to find an alarm that could differentiate a long press or a short press

but the oem key fobs usually don't have a very long range in my opinion


hope this helps

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A remote start can be used on your vehicle, but you will not be able to use your factory key. You muct have an after market alarm installed as well. I have the Viper alarm with the remote start. Also my factory key still works as well. Make sure if you do get this done that what ever alarm you use has a transponer. this way you do not have any need to take a part your seconed master key. The Lexus line of car needs that unit near the car in order for it to start. Most auto starts require the the second master key transponder to be mounted in some type of lock box mounted under that dash. the only company i am aware of that has this type of unit that does not require the factory trandsponder is the Viper. Follow the link below for more information.



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