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I love the gs300. I think it looks better than most cars out and there arent to many around here in DC. But I had a question...what other cars are you guys really feeling right now? I must say the only car I have fell in love with so far is the BMW 745. BMW did it this year. Mercedes better step up and change the S class a bit. The fake rolls royce phanton (chrysler 300) is ok. But i despise american cars.........

sorry for posting this on a gs300 forum...

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You like that abomination? That goes for the S-Class suppository and the god-awful 745. Where is my car-sickness bag.

IMHO, real German cars are:

1. Square (like all Mercedes into the late 90's, minus the E class)

2. Built like tanks, ha ha. Can't say that about the Germans anymore.

3. Reliable. Oh, let's not even go there ;-)

When I read the procedure for putting the marvel-of-engineering 745 into neutral, for towing purposes....something about removing a panel underneath the dash and a string dropping out....what, no gearshift?.....I gave up on the Germans all together.

"Though shalt not taketh away thy gearshift, Christopher B."

Don't mind me ranting, it's no reflection on you presonally..just chit-chat.

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I agree with you on the German cars, We just let loose of a E320 which cost me about 600.00 every time I took it in for "routine" service. BMW is just about as bad.

I bought a 2003 GS300 with 14K for 29,500 and could'nt be happier. My wife loved the MB E300 M1A1 Abrams tank feel and it cost about the same to keep on the road.

After driving the GS300 she fell in love with the luxery/sporty feel of the car.

I am a died in the wool Harley rider too. One thing I know for a fact, is that the Japanese engineering is far ahead of all others, but I still ride a Harley because that's what it is.

Same with cars. life is short so drive what you like but be willing to pay the price

and don't whine if you choose poorly. I have to remind myself of that every 2K when I am changing 3 kinds of fluids in my HD.

I drive a GS because I get tired of nursing US models back to health so often. I guess I am a motoring schizophrenic.

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