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Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic Brake Pads


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I'm replacing brake pads on my '99 RX300, using Wagner ThermoQuiet ceramic pads. Fronts are done (easy job), but hitting a flitch in the rear.

After fully retracting the caliper piston and inserting the new pads, I found that the caliper wouldn’t close all the way down so I could re-insert the bottom bolt. It’s as though the pads are too think, preventing the caliper from sliding far enough toward the center of the car for things to line up.

I’m assuming that someone here may have encountered the same issue. Is there something I’m not compressing enough or need to move out of the way? I’m sure the piston is not an issue.

Both Wagner and O’Reilly say the Wagner P/N is PD325. I even had O’Reilly stack two Wagner pads next to two “generic” pads to detect a thickness issue – both looked the same. Thoughts?


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Why don't we use lexus parts? I know they cost just a little more but I wouldn't go cheap on brake pads. Keep this in mind, Rx300 have the updated pads so make sure you get the right part. Aftermarket pads will squeal! Btw, there is a tool that you can compress the caliper pistons.


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The pistons compressed pretty easily anyway -- just used to tail end of a wooden hammer and leveraged them back slowly. I think I have a tool that I could have used, but wasn't necessary.

One reason for going aftermarket was because my wife (it's her RX300) was complaining about some squealing. There was actually plenty of brake pad on the front end before I changed them, and the rears appear the same way. So there isn't any good reason for them to be squealing periodically.

The ThermoQuiets appear to have a good reputation regarding noise, plus are ceramic just like the Lexus pads. I figured it was worth a shot to eliminate the noise. I may have to revert to Lexus pads, but unless they are thinner than the Wagners, I'll have the same issue.

I'll take the Wagners with me to Lexus and see how they compare

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