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Just the pads? Or rotors too?

Just the pads is a 1/2 banana job -- extremely easy.

Want to do the rotors, then you're talking a bigger job. Not all that difficult, just a much bigger job and much, much messier.

Please specify how deep you want to go with the brake job.

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I want to change the brakes on my 1996 lx450.  I have done my own on my 93 4runner and 99 passport.  Are there any special tools I will be needing?  I have read that they are fairly easy to do.

I am just going to change the pads this time. Are their squealers on the pads so that I will know when to change them or do I just need to look at them?

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Should be, although when I bought my rig, the backs didn't have wear indicator tabs, so I got to replace those and rotors two weeks later. Best to check if you don't know. The FSM has the wear thickness specs. for replacement.

Like DougJohn said, this is one of the easiest jobs to do on these rigs. Basically pulling the wheel off, removing the two caliper pins and spring, then slide the old out, compress the caliper pistons (don't forget to remove some brake fluid) and put the new ones in. Couple of other little thinks like caliper grease on the end tabs, general clean up of the caliper and rotor. Check the brake fluid level and your golden. Get the FSM if you're not comfortable replacing brakes, but this one hardly registers on the banana scale.



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Doh! Ya beat me to the punch Rookie (I can't get this forum to recognize me when I try to post from tthe office).

Yeah, just as Rookie states. I'll back up another statement from Rookie being that not all brake pads have the wear indicator, so it's always best to do a visual check.

Front brake pad replacement should take about 20 minutes max (for both sides, including removing and remounting the wheels. For the rear, it take me about 30 minutes total.

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