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Dvd/fm Volume


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We have a new GX470 (1000 miles) and have noticed that there is a major difference in the volume levels between the radio and the DVD system.

When we switch from playing a movie back to the FM radio we get blasted and have to quickly turn down the volume of the radio. We have tried different DVDs with the same result.

We just had the 1000 mile service and had asked the techs about it. They did not have answer other than "that is the way it is" and that the two systems use different amps.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Can I adjust the level of the DVD amp to turn it up to match the radio?

Thanks guys!


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I have noticed the same thing. And I too asked them at my 1000 and 5000 miles service points if there is anything that can be done about it. I do not think that is the end of the story. There has got to be an attenuating setting in the Nav/Stereo/service software for such an input. Or perhaps it was just merely bad design. :chairshot:

I would love to see a list of what is addressable in the service computer options when they plug into the 470's brain. But, for now I have trained myself to lower the audio before changing over. It SUCKS, but better that than replacing my speakers at some point. <_<

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