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Michelin Cross Terrain Tire


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235/70/16 on sale at tire rack for 98.00$ is the oem for the ford explorer, and perhaps other vehicles as well. it has a treadswear rating of 460. it is , according to Michelin customer service, built to "specifications of the auto manufacturer". it does still have a 65,000 mi warranty. the aftermarket cross terrains have a treadwear rating of 700. perhaps this is the reason why so many cross terrains never make it beyond 40,000. mi. though the name is the same, it dosent appear that the oems are the same quality as the michelin aftermarket cross terrains. if you are in the market for this tire, be careful and check the treadwear rating to determine which tire you are buying. the reduced price may not compensate the reduced mileage.

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