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95 Sc400 W/46k Original Miles


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Closing on the car next Wes.

Dealer doing a break job, power steering pump and head gasket, included in price of $14.5. Should I be worried about these things since the car has so few miles?

Carfax doesn't have any history prior to it hitting the 32k mile mark on the title, so my salesguy is looking into that for me. Shows one owner, 4.6k miles per year average.

First Lexus (my wife has an RX330), doing my homework, trying to make sure I don't get screwed.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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That sounds like an immaculate car. Why are you concerned about no history before 32k? That means nothing happened. That is good. Why are they replacing the head gasket? That is very weird. Should not be necessary unless something is wrong with it. Power steering pump is understandable. Brakes is understandable. Head gasket is very confusing. Otherwise, I'd be all over it. Frankly, I'd tell him to forget the head gasket job and knock 3 grand off the sale price. Unless they have a compression test that shows inadequate compression.

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Valve gasket actually, mech said that since it was rarely driven the past few years the rubber should probably be replaced.

I called the previous owner, who bought it 7 years ago (it was 3 yrs old at the time) when it had 32k miles, and averaged 2k a year since then. He's pretty up in years, they traded it in on a new BMW, he said it was his wife's deal, he didn't want to get rid of it.

Thanks for the feedback, let me know what you think about the valve cover gasket.

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Awesome, thanks.

Price actually came out to $14,297, no charge for the repairs. It's driving me nuts having to wait until next week, but waiting for some fund transfers to clear this week so I'm stuck.

RX330 is technically my wife's, so this will be my first Lexus. Great forum here, I can't tell you how much I've learned from reading many, many of the threads. Especially helpful were the yellowed headlight fixes, paint finish tips, and BFI threads. Great stuff.

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