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Found a 1995 SC400, with only 46.5k miles on it, trade in at a local dealership. $14.5k purchase price, it seems in great condition, doesn't look very used.

What should I be looking at in terms of evaluating this SC? Haven't closed the deal yet, can still back out if something scary comes up. (I'm new to Lexus, just bought my wife an RX330 and instantly was sold on the quality.)

It is all stock, no mods, looks clean and drives great.

They are doing a break job, replacing the steering pump, and replacing the headgasket. You know how Lexus shops are, they are anal about making their used cars perfect, but should I be worried about these things being done to a car with only 46k miles? Or due to the age are these things not that unusual?

Any pointers much appreciated.

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There are tons of posts about what to look for when buying a SC, breaks will wear out, and the power steering pumps are know for leaking after a while.

I would be somewhat concerned about the head gasket, I don’t know of many that have gone bad, and 45k on a SC400 is not that many miles. Is the dealer going to warranty the car? Did they say if the head gaskets were a problem, or why it should be replaced?

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