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Private Warranty For 1999 Gs 400?

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Excuse me in advance if this topic is addressed elsewhere. I am in the process of buying a 1999 GS 400 with 54,000 miles from the original owner. The car is in pristine shape - one owner, regular Lexus service.

My question concerns whether I should consider buying warranty coverage on this car and, if so, from whom? I think I still have major powertrain and rust protection for another year or so, but I realize that some Lexus repairs could be very expensive going forward. The car does not have GPS or the Nakatachi sound system, in the event either of these options might tilt the insurance decision one way or the other.

If a warranty is suggested, should I consider my local Lexus dealer or a third party insurer? I don't know if there are companies that specialize in warranty coverage for Lexus. Anyone have experience or advice with this decision?


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