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Steering "clunk"


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I here a noise when I move the wheel very slightly. Just replaced the inner/outer tie tods and struts. Ball joints and control arms were done at 60k (car now has 150k on it). Everything looks/feels tight. I don't even think I needed the tie rods actually. It sounds like it coming from behind the steering wheel or down the steering shaft or rack. When I had the ball joints done they also replaced the "u-joint" setup on the steering shaft itself. I'm suspect of this but can't really isolate the noise. Is this a high wear item ? Looks easy enough to replace. Is there any adjustment on the rack to take up play ? I used to be able to do that on my old American cars. Any reason to suspect the rack ? It doesn't leak at all - do they get sloppy with age ? Seems like most people wind up replacing them due to leaking from what I've seen. Thanks...


BTW, for any of you thinking about struts - they are really easy overall and for the rear struts forget everything you've read. You DON'T have to remove the seat or anything else for that matter. Just compress the spring on the car which will give you enough clearance to pull them out. The fronts are even easier - just disconnect the upper control arm and the whole things comes out.

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