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1995 Sc300 3.0 Oil Type


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my girlfriend had her dads friend change her oil and i swear to god if i find that guy im gonna kick his :censored: . im trying to find the right kind of oil for my girlfriends car becuase one month after, she has no oil. so i need some oil to get it to a place to change her oil. the only problem is i dont know what kind of oil to put in there. please let me know ?W?? (ex: 5W30) thank you

P.S. i need this asap so i can go get it before she goes home!A

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Manual states 5w30. A lot of us use Mobil 1 Synthetic.

If the guy didn't add oil is one thing, but if you find out that her car has a leak, that;s a different story. Look underneath the car for any leaks. Look near the block for oil spray.

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