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I've just gotten 97 LS400 with 100k miles. What oil should I use at the next oil change? I doubt it that the previous owner used syntethic oil.

What octane gas should I put as well? Previous owner might put 87... well it's a lease car... so I dont think he/she really would spend that extra money for extra protection.

What do u guys think? :wacko:

On top of that, I haven't really have the time to do a search on this form for a place to buy good brake pads :(

Can someone point me to the right direction?


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Just my observations being a recent owner:

Power anf fuel economy seem to be better on 93 octane.

A lot of people on the forum like M1. At this time I am using Delvac 15W40 and AutoRX to clean the engine out. I have also used Delo in the past. I plan on switching to Havoline 5W30 when I am finished with my AutoRX maintenance. :ph34r:

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