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Where Is The Woofer?

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92-96 ES doesn't have a woofer, 97+ has. You can't install the woofer from 97 to 94 - it wouldn't fit. All what you can do play with aftermarket stuff, but I don't think you'll get better sound then Lexus.

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Definetly no sub.

Sk has done a good job talking about audio in the FAQ's . Read those.

P.S. most people that try to mess around with there current set up, ie adding Subs with stock system wont get you far. The whole system is tuned to work with itself.

Youd have to do serious wiring and HU replacement .

After all my work, No levinson soundsystem comes even close to mine.

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nothing left for me to say , all the above is correct

how hard is not the question to ask but how much do you want to spend

to add a sub properly with wiring amp box and sub about $600 min

you get what you pay for.

btw : my sytem blows away the ML for quality sql ,I doubt i will waste money on kick panels unless i buy some focal kevlars instead of my MC's to make them image better but after all it is a car which i the worst place to get SQ from

It still has a nice bump to it for those odd times cruising by turning up the remote dial for the sub input.

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