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1991 Ls400 For $5k


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I'm new to this extremely informative forum and am looking to buy my first Lexus (used).

Would like advice or opinions on buying an 1991 LS400 with approx. 90,000 miles on it for $5,000. The car's only had one owner. It's been in only one accident when it was rear ended, and was fixed without any problems, according to the owner. Is this a good deal? Thanks in advice for your help!

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thats a great deal........... 1 owner, with only 90K, (that is VERY low miles for a 91)

if serviced and maintaned properly you can get well over 200k on her

just ask them about the service records, see what has been replaced mechanically on the car, as well as timing belt change, tune-ups ect....

........also do a manual inspection, check out the underside of the engine to see if you have anthing "wet" or leaking....check the oil for color,, tranny fluid color,,, and most importantly see how she drives,,,what kind of shape the suspension is in ect........

you can do a car fax report to see actually how bad the wreck was as well.

good luck :cheers:

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I've tested many 91-93 models and most of them have the mould/musty smell. I know this can easily be removed, search for other posts in this forum. The climate control LCD would be broken and it would cost anywhere between $600-800 to fix. Then most of them also have their seat springs broken, leather torn. Leather is slippery too. I guess when I am comparing with 95-97 models, they are much better model (i.e. lots problems fixed). Well, it's a little more on the money but I think you'll be more satisfied. I got 97 LS400 with 100k miles for 10.5k, never wrecked, drive like new :D

Not to mention the updated, not-so-square front end :lol:

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