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I just purchased a 2002 ES and am very happy with it. I'm having a problem with the alarm going off when I press the unlock on the key fob. The car came with another fob(without a key on it), which has lock, unlock, trunk, and an option button on it. When I unlock with that one, the alarm does not sound, but then you have to use the other fob for the key. I was hoping there was a way to not have the alarm go off when I unlock with the key fob and not have to always carry around the one without the key. What is the option button? Can't find anything in the manual about any of this. I bought this from a non-Lexus dealer; when I called Lexus of Wilmington they said bring it in to check, would cost about $100. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated...Also, can you program so the doors don't always lock automatically everytime you exit the car? Thanks, Mike.

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My '03 ES master key has 3 buttons, lock, unlock, and unlock trunk. The lock button also has "PANIC" written in red. If you hold down the "PANIC" button for a couple of seconds the alarm will sound. If the problem key is somehow wired incorrectly the signal to panic is activating your alarm. Is this an OEM key?

I don't think so because the '02 key was the same as mine. I never saw an option button on any factory equipped keys.

With the factory alarm, it doesn't automatically relock when you exit the car, but it will relock if you lock the door and then unlock it without opening the door.

I think that either a separate alarm was installed on your car and it works in a completely passive mode. Lexus alarm systems never worked that way. I've seen this happen when an owner lost his original keys and tried to save some bucks by putting in a separate alarm.

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who ever wired the aftermarket alarm didn't hook it up properly

the used they connected the unlock/lock trigger on the door lock wire instead of from the alarm sentinal/brain

it needs to go to a good alarm installer to have that wire redone to deactivate the factory alarm when disarming

this would be done by connecting to the key lock pulse from the door lock being turned not the power doorlock switch

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