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There is so many different kinds of product out there that I don't know which one to choose from.

I was looking on the California Car Cover site and they have this product line called Zymol.

Has anyone ever heard or used these products?

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i think they sell that stuff at walmart, and its blue, and comes in a jar.........

never heard anything great about it though.

meguiar's NXT wax is a good one step product

you can also do a search in the detail forum about wax..........it will pull up quite a bit of different topics and opinions on different brands and product.

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Zymol is established long-term suppliers of car care products (similar if not the same as Swissol) their market niche is concourse entrants and as such most of their wax products are glaze’s i.e. they contain fillers

~Hope this helps~

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I first started using Zymol when the founder was still making it in his garage. I think it was 1988 or so. I enjoyed talking to the owner for quite a while on how to use the product what the advantages were, etc. I planned on using it on my 2 Mercedes show cars a 300 SL gullwing and a 300SC Roadster as well as my daily drivers. I did use it on the 2 show trailer queens and will say that it was a true pain in the A-- to apply with results that were OK. I used it on my daily drivers and will have to say that the durability was near non existent.

There is a certain amount of snob appeal associated with Zymol but if you are not going to have a sign on you car that says "Shined by Zymol" who the hell will know.

With so many products today that are easier to apply, are much more durable, provide superior gloss and cost much less, I do not second your emotions about the product. However, I realize that the discussion on waxes is right up there with politics and religion and everyone has their own opinion.

As for the $1600 Zymol wax that is refillable for life, you certainly must have more cents than sense to fall for that.

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I used Meguiars Wax - the kind available in auto parts stores - on a white Toyota pickup for a few years and it yellowed the paint, apparently permanently. YUCK! I'll never try another Meguiars product again even though Meguiars probably has better and pricier products, because there's no excuse for a paint care product to damage the paint.

I later tried Zymol liquid wax - the kind available at Walmart -on another identical white Toyota pickup. No yellowing even after 9 years of use. Zymol is all natural so the wax doesn't last long in the summer heat, but it definately keeps the paint shiny for years and years. I've heard speculation that genuine Lexus branded wax is rebottled Zymol so that's a good sign too that it's pretty good stuff.

I'm sure some of the synthetic waxes are more durable than Zymol, but will they keep the paint looking factory new for decades? Or do they have disturbing unwanted side effects after several years of use?

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