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Two Small Problems


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Hey guys,

I have two small problems that I need help with.

94 Lexus LS400

1) I ran over my trunck carpet with my lawn mower and I need to replace it.

2) My A/C has a weird smell right when I turn it on.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Have you replaced the A/C filter located behind the glove box? If not, this most likely is your source of odor. I would spray a cleaner with bleach inside the cavity after you remove the old filters and before you install the new ones.

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I am going to change the filters and go from there. I suppose i can get them on ebay as well. Is there anthing you cannot buy on ebay?

Possibly JLO?? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I was hoping nobody was going to ask but after having a few cocktails I decided to mow the lawn. Well I was cleaning my trunk so my carpet was out and on the driveway enjoying the Texas sun rays. This is where the cocktails took over--I had this bright idea of cleaning the crap off of my carpet by blowing it off with the mower. This is where it gets good and I am showing a not good side of myself but it is pretty damn funny and stupid. So I ran over the carpet with the mower which is set very high. To know avail. It looked like I took it to Benihana's.

What is the lesson: DO NOT CLEAN YOUR TRUNK!!!!! :cheers::cheers:

Thanks for the help guys. I knew I could count on you.

I hope this made someone smile. I am laughing as I write it out. :D :D

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I use fabreeze to kill odors in my older cars airvents and airconditioners. I have tried everything else, this works the best. Turn on your air from the outside and open the hood, spray the heck out of your air intake vents till you can smell inside the car. Patricia

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